Pureblok system

A solution made up of isothermal panels, produced to be durable, with high structural strength and thermal insulation.

The entire process is optimized and industrialized to the maximum, from the production of the panels to the assembly of the elements on site, which are duly identified and prepared.

We can complete a construction project in two days, requiring only the usual  electrical and plumbing work.

The Pureblok system panel comprises a galvanized steel sheet lacquered white and a 40 Kg/m³ density PIR core.

This material is one of the most advanced and sustainable in the world, guaranteeing its insulating properties for more than 50 years (BLP certificate for durability assessment).

The fitting between panels is distinguished by its triple-jointed finish and geometry, which provides maximum mechanical resistance.

The direct connection of the insulating foam between two panels creates a perfect thermal barrier and facilitates the assembly process.

Thermally, our panel is equivalent to:

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