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We offer a construction system that suits most architectural projects worldwide, allowing for repeatable units in large volumes. We turn your idea into something tangible, always considering your highest requirements and most specific needs.

The price is low and fixed, and delivery times are optimized, representing an 80% reduction in time compared to traditional construction. Simplicity, high energy efficiency, safety and eco-efficiency characterize buildings built with the Pureblok system.

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You won’t need to change an inch of your project; our system is fully adaptable, and we’ll be by your side at every stage of the licensing and construction process.

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Did you know that 40 to 50% of the energy consumed in a building is used for heating or cooling useful spaces? The best way to reduce this consumption is with thermal insulation that prevents heat loss. Our system provides this insulation, allowing you to save more than 50% on your energy consumption compared to a traditional building.

With the Pureblok construction system, we can reduce the construction time of your project by 80% compared to traditional construction.

Pureblok constructions do not present humidity, mold or other situations harmful to health due to their watertightness. This is ideal for the use of the most modern ventilation systems, which ensure the renewal of air, maintaining its quality without thermal loss, and reducing costs.

Once the construction of a building with the Pureblok Building System is complete, it behaves like a monolithic structure, with structural strength similar to a reinforced concrete and masonry construction.

Buildings made with our system have an approximate gain of 7 to 10% in usable area when compared to a traditional building. In this way, you can enjoy larger interior spaces, with a feeling of more spaciousness.

For investors, this is particularly important, because given the price per square meter of usable area, this percentage increase will determine your profit.

The panels that make up the Pureblok system provide high quality thermal insulation (the best on the market) and last for 60 years.

Buildings using the Pureblok Building System have the guarantee required by the law in force in each country.

Among other accreditations, our solution contributes to achieving sustainability certification for a building with a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating, so that the entire production and manufacturing process produces little CO2 and all materials are recyclable/reusable.

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