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Pureblok welcomes any request for collaboration with open arms. We are willing and able to work together to develop your architectural project in the best possible way using our construction system. We will accompany you throughout the speciality project or provide this service. We aim to help you provide a quality, efficient and fast response to your client without deviating from the proposed project.

It is up to architects to lead the way towards more energy-efficient buildings. Current legislation and new market demands require greater attention to this construction element, a challenge for many traditional building systems.



No, a building doesn’t have to be designed specifically with the Pureblok construction system in mind. Nevertheless, there are advantages if you are aware of its potential. At Pureblok, we provide technical support to designers, and can develop your project in line with each client’s needs, as well as all the drawings and technical projects required in a construction project.

Our construction system allows for the customization of exterior finishes (façade and roof) and interior finishes (partitions, floors, ceilings). Although the panel that is part of this system already has a finish, it allows any type of interior or exterior covering to be applied, whether on the roof (ceramic tiles, etc.) or on the walls (plaster, plasterboard, ventilated façade systems, etc.).

The water, sewage, electricity, television and telecommunications distribution networks can be embedded in the interior and exterior walls, through quick-opening holes, or over the panels through technical gutters, or in air boxes present between the space of the uprights for fixing internal cladding.

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