Advantages of the Pureblok System

Affordable, Accessible and Cost-Controlled

The Pureblok system is economical in terms of purchase and maintenance in    daily use. It is simple and well-defined, based on an industrialized product, which leaves no room for deviations in the initial budget.

Fast, clean and quality execution

A system with only two base elements means the construction does not need additional finishing layers. Fully automated production guarantees uniformity in the elements and fast delivery, reducing assembly times.

Ecological and sustainable

This system allows for constructions with excellent thermal behavior, not depending on external elements to make spaces more comfortable, reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint. With very little waste and a clean building site from start to finish, it is at the forefront of construction products with less environmental impact.


The composition of our panels gives spaces thermal and acoustic comfort and thermal resistance that other construction systems can only achieve with different layers of materials.

Adaptable to a variety of needs

Whether you’re building houses, schools, restaurants, health centers, etc., our system adapts to the construction, refurbishment, and extension of any building. It is the ideal solution for the rapid development of public services and a quick response  to urgent housing needs.

Certified and guaranteed

Both the construction elements and the system are prepared to meet the legal requirements of the international market. To this end, we have certifications and guarantees of its structural integrity.

Creating scalable modular projects

We offer a “Fit Your Choice” type of construction, suitable for almost any design or architectural project, from classic to modern, allowing for repeatable units in large volumes.

Low resource consumption

Mechanical resources – Reducing or eliminating the use of heavy machinery.

Human resources – Reduced workforce, as scaffolding and formwork are often unnecessary.

Large-scale production

We can produce more than two hundred house structures a week to meet the growing demand for quality houses that can be built quickly.

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